Anita Jodway

I have had a great experience at MediLodge! The Nurses and aides are friendly and very well educated. They take the time to explain things if you don’t understand. I have watched them with others in here, most would lose their patience but not the ones that I have seen here. From the higher up’s: Lisa, Sara, Amanda, to the nurses like Mary and aides like Samantha. I have two open wounds on my legs, I have had them for two years now and they just refuse to heal. But since I have been here and seeing the wound care doctor, they are actually healing! They change the dressing every day and don’t act like they are doing me a favor and I should be grateful. They always make sure my room is clean, fresh sheets on the bed, trash empty, floors swept! The foods not bad either, they make great cabbage rolls! The PT has me up and walking a lot farther than I was walking at home. They are wonderful people also. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!!

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