Our New Members, Kelly and Robin

Kelly and Robin WEB

We wanted to shine the spotlight on our two new members, Kelly, and Robin, to the MediLodge of Campus Area team! Below, we wanted to share their bios with everyone so you can get to know them!

Kelly Grossett:
Hello! My name is Kelly Grossett, and I am the new Administrator at MediLodge of Campus Area. I have been with the company for nine years. Prior to becoming an Administrator, I was a Business Office Manager with MediLodge. My primary focus at MediLodge of Campus Area to is build relationships with our residents and ensure they receive the best quality of care during their stay here. I am very excited to be a part of this great team, and I look forward to getting to know everyone. In my personal life, I am married with two boys and enjoy being outdoors with them and simply enjoying family time.

Robin Miller:
Hello, my name is Robin Miller, and I am the new Director of Nursing at MediLodge of Campus Area. Nursing has always been a part of my life. As a child, I was very close to my grandparents. My grandfather had Parkinson’s disease and was cared for at home. I remember him taking my brothers and me to play miniature golf until he could no longer drive. He then taught me to play Carrom, and we played every Sunday until the tremors made it impossible for him to play. As a young teen, I would help him into the wheelchair and take him to the table to play Rook. As the disease progressed, I would feed him at mealtimes to give my grandma a break and because I liked to help him. My grandmother had broken her hip, knee, and foot in a fall, so my brothers and I took care of them both during summer break. I no longer have my grandparents, but I have happy memories of them both and the loving care they showed for each other.

I decided to become a nurse at the age of 8, and that dream was realized in 2005. I started my career as a CENA, then attended college at Lansing Christian College and LCC, where I obtained my LPN license in 2005 and RN in 2006. I worked as an MDS nurse for five years and an Assistant Director Of Nursing for seven years before joining the MediLodge family. In my personal life, I have three boys and one girl who are grown and embarking on their careers, and I love to spend time with them and watch them become the great professionals they are today.

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